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DJ Raffi S

Raffi Shaboian, otherwise known as DJ Raffi S, has been spinning and producing electronic dance music for just over two decades now. He has spent many of those years on the Boston nightclub circuit playing at the largest clubs and private parties. His sound was shaped and cultivated during the place and time considered to be the peak of the electronic music industry in the mid to late 90's. He's part of the movement that had clubs like Avalon, Axis, Roxy, and The Exchange showcasing the talents of some of the most stalented DJ's of the era.

It's here in Boston that DJ Raffi S met and became friends with his partner in crime, Kelly Brice, and the two produced several club anthems. Their work includes insane dance tracks like: Delicious, Can't Get You Out of My Mind, Let's Go, Lose Yourself and Forces of the Night; where he teams up with newcomer Robert S., have been hitting the turntables of many DJ's around the globe, further solidifying DJ Raffi S. as an international steward of dance music.

DJ Raffi S [dot] com is your one stop spot for electronic dance music and approved by thousands of booty shakers from around the Globe. Whether you love vocal classics, progressive high energy dance, tribal, deep house or international hits - there's always a reason to rock these club anthems.  On this website you'll be able to download new music, browse the archives of cd's from the past or listen to the latest podcasts or join our network of DJ's and producers.


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Lose Control
In the Rain
House Haitian
Take That


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